By Dahlia Tera

In my MIND,
As scientific, a bit cold,
You explain, you describe,
Clean-cut and technical,
On medicine leaflets,
On mobil phone instruction booklets;
Black letters on a white sheet:
You look like little insects walking!
You teach me knowledge,
You draw up documents,
You order, you prohibit, you invite…

In my HEART,
Sometimes caresses, sometimes punches,
Light as butterflies,
Heavy as elephants,
Simple or sophisticated like flowers.
Erasing the bad ones,
I have no place for them;
You bring and spread
Feelings and emotions
From there to here, from here to there.
You color, you sing, you dance.. inside me;
I, at all times , wait for your shine.
You dynamize me, you strengthen me.

In my SOUL,
You are dandelions,
You are presence in absence.
You speak of stars and dreams,
You embroider in silver and gold,
You make me touch a cloudless sky…..

And MIND, HEART and SOUL are just together melted..

WORDS! You are just five letters
But adding an “L”
You become infinite WORLDS….
All the wonderful life’s ones
Here down and up there,
Yesterday, today, tomorrow…..
A precious treasure.

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