Dahlia Tera

I imagine the mountains
And I see vertically,
I imagine the ocean
And I see horizontally,
I imagine pointed high peaks
And I draw triangles as pyramids or cones,
I imagine a large flat carpet
And I draw a rectangle as fields or elongated mirrors.
The one and the other are touching the sky:
The peaks are outlined against,
The waves merge into.

The blue immensity is the same
And you feel a flea in this infinity.

Whether you walk on rocky paths
Or on the soft grains of the sand;
Whether you are admiring the flaming dawn
Or you are wondering at the fiery sunset;
With the skin of your face
Singed by the glacial wind of the mountain,
Or burned by the marine breath;

You love this hugeness
That scares you but hugs you.
So different in the calmness,
So similar in the rumbles of the storms,
When peaks, waves, snow, foam
Are all swirls and voices
Of the nature,
Our mother and stepmother,
In the same time.

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