By Dahlia Tera

Moving your feet to and fro,
Swaying your hips, fluent or less,
Your open arms sliding undulate,
Your hands twist and clap
In a gesture of invitation and thanks,
They applaud in the rhythm of the music.

You look at them, smiling,
Your head gently tilts to the right and to the left…
All your body is talking;
But dancing is not just a body matter:
Gestures are words for emotions:
Dancing is breaking loose and escaping,
Dancing is asking and replying,
Dancing is praying and meditating,
Dancing is sliding and whirling,
Dancing is feeling,
Dancing is flying,

Dancing is letting your heart and your soul
Spontaneously speaking in their thousands shades.
Whether alone
In the silent density of your inside,
Or all together,
In the joy of having fun.

Dancing is a Kaleidoscopic firework !

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