Almost 2 years of online classes and now finally time to rock

Adti Silwal
Class 9, Bijeshwori Gyan Mandir Sainik Mahavidyalaya 

Almost 2 years of online classes and now finally it was the time to rock, I mean physical classes.

While waking up I was a little nervous and excited too. Actually, nervous because I would be attending the physical classes and excited because I was about to meet my friends after a long time physically. After wearing my uniform, looking in the mirror, I was thinking about those days in which we have to wait for Saturday for a holiday, and of course, those days were going to repeat.

After that, I ate my lunch, packed the tiffin made by my mother and head towards my station with my family. My every homework was completed and I even had checked everything properly, but also I was feeling like something was incomplete. Actually, it was the first day so I was a little scared so I wanted all members of my family to be in the station with me until the bus arrives. While we were waiting for the bus, we click some photos for the memory. My brother was so happy, as he got the chance to see the different types of vehicles and many more things.

After waiting for almost 10 minutes, I got to know that bus was not coming to pick any of us. So, my father dropped me to my school. I was unknown about everything, even my classroom. So the bye to my father was filled with tears and little fear. While I was walking towards my school premises, I saw some new students and I remember the first day in Bijeshwori. Anyhow, I managed to find my classroom. Then, right after I entered my classroom, some friends shouted with next-level happiness, even I also cannot stop myself to scream. Then I sit with my friend Grisma as we have decided earlier. Then, I and my friends went and take a glance of the school from the balcony in front of my classroom. Then our teacher arrived and we started our study as we used to. After two periods we had a short break. Then after another two periods, we got our tiffin break. I share my tiffin with my friends and vice versa. We had a lot of fun in the tiffin break. Then at our science period, we (bus students) were called to the ground for information about the bus. For the correct counting of the student, we were called in the ground. It almost took two periods. Then after went to our respective classes and pack our bags, then say bye to friends and went to our respective bus in a queue.

I was eager to tell my first-day experience to my parents but some of the new students were confused so we were late. But after reaching home I shared those special moments with my family.

Umm, Actually it was a day full of excitement and suspense!!!

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