Today is a restart …
Early morning,
Fresh air in the face,
On the seat of our scooter
As ‘before’,
Up to the school bus stop …

After months
Without a real timetable,
With eyes fixed on the screen,
Finally …
You will meet teachers and friends
In presence:
Listening, talking, hugging, touching,

Wearing your freshly ironed uniform,
With your braided hair;
Knots in the stomach
In a mixture of
Impatience, anxiety, curiosity,
Joy, enthusiasm…
Hidden smiles and tears
Because of the emotions
In your mind and heart.

Do not fear going forward
Fear only to stand still…

Be curious,
Be positive,
Be smiling,
Be HAPPY, my daughter!

There will always be room
For your hand in mine.

Your dad
Ashok Silwal

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