Dahlia Tera

Usually, in the common understanding, it is called ‘handbag’
But every woman has her own habits and practices:
There are those who use it large, those who want it small;
Some hold it hanging in hand
With the risk that it touches the ground,
Some on a shoulder,
And sometimes a wheelbarrow would be needed more !!!
Some on the bent arm, more elegant and feminine,
But so uncomfortable…

Everyone has their own experience regarding purses!
And this is not about special bags
For travel, practice wins or for ceremonies, aesthetics wins.
It is the everyday ‘handbag’
Which often becomes an Alibaba cave,
A sort of treasure chest!
When you can find everything
Even reading the character of the person who carries it:
Provident, fearful, generous, practical, eccentric…
And so, inside her bag, whether she is alone, wife or mother,
She will put all her ‘it could be useful’!!

Then it becomes a real ‘container’
Where what you are looking for
Will always be at the deepest bottom!

Before finding the package of paper tissues
You will have to pull out a lot of ‘necessities’:
Your mobile phone,
A bottle of water,
A small sachet with a bit of makeup,
(The broken zipper let it all slip away!)
A change purse, a small wallet with more pictures than money,
Gods, Ganesh and Lakshmi near the persons you love,
A neck scarf ( you never be sure for the weather…)
Two rubber bands to hold the hair,
A mask in reserve,
A game (little ball) for the child,
(As well a jersey if he gets a little cold)
A magazine for knitting to lend to a friend
(Who you hardly ever meet!)
A folding umbrella (there were some clouds…)
Another small sachet for ‘first aid’: hand gel, band air….
A bunch of keys (including those of your husband’s scooter),
A button you need as a template because you lost one,
A small notepad and a pencil,
A card with the address of a shop,
A snack,
A hairbrush…

And… finally… at the deepest bottom …
Your package of paper tissues!!
‘Sure tomorrow, I will take a smaller bag!’
But, inside there is no room for anything!

And so the next day, you are recidivist!
You take again your big bag
And add an apple as well
And the baby cap you forgot (you never know!)

Unaware of your future shoulder and back pains!!

Good walk!

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