You know you are very often with me on the bench


Dahlia Tera
Cover Modal: Trishan Silwal/Pashupatinath Temple

Immersed in nature,
Located in a hill public park,
Resting planted in the ground,
Surrounded by greenery,
Is it watching over the trees
Or the trees over it …?
It looks at the grass at his feet,
The back and the seat are simple wooden planks;
Careworn by rain and weakened by time
It begins to have gray hair
And keeps so many memories.

It is my reference in the course of my walks;
I know I will stop there for a break
In the affectionate silence of nature.
I will watch the sprouts appear in Spring,
In the hot summer sun, the grass will turn yellow and dry,
Then the leaves will take their colors of fire,
And winter will put everything to sleep.

But “my” bench will always be there waiting faithful,
For a ray of sunshine or a breath of air on the face,
For some words …

Sometimes, it will host the talks and twaddles with friends
Speaking of more and less..
Moments of cheerful lightheartedness.

Sometimes alone but never lonely,
Eyes open but as if closed,
Enjoying the silence talking with you:
Of feelings in the heart,
Of ways of life,
Of the immensity of nature,
Of our smallness and fragility,
Of prayers and dreams,
Of tears and smiles, deaths and births,
Of flowers and mountain paths,
Of everything and nothing …
Doing the philosophers, rebuilding the world …

Always in a comprehensive harmony,
In a mutual enriching understanding.
A tender and regenerating bench,
For the rest of the body,
For the well-being of the heart,
For the tranquility of the soul.
For enjoyment and contemplation.

My shelter,
My haven of peace,
My oasis of calm,
‘My’ bench.


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